Welcome to my website Find inspiration

I would love to have time to translate all the posts to English, but it is not my top priority right now, so in meantime I’d recommend you use Google translate.
Even if you can’t read Danish I hope you will look around at the website for pictures that can inspire you.
You are always welcome to ask questions on the different posts and I will answer in English.

My name is Pia Luxhøj Støvring, I’m a 39 years old Danish creative woman  who enjoys spending time in my garden.
I live with my Australian boyfriend and our little daughter on an island called Falster, in the southern part of Denmark.

The website is called Find inspiration (Which is spelled and means exactly the same in Danish and English) I started it in 2010. In 2014 I made the new tag line “Find inspiration for a green and creative everyday”. Because that is the area I want to inspire people. Green for a green environment, growing and eating organic and Green because it is much about gardening. Creative is for being creative with different hobbies and new ideas for recycling and upcycling things. Everyday because I think we have to find a balance of work and family life in everyday and not just in the weekends. I also believe that all the small step we do everyday, like buying organic produce can help to a better environment. We can make a difference.

Cottage gardenI have a small city garden of 100 square meters surrounded by the neighbouring buildings and fence. I have lived here for 15 years and have turned it from a empty building site to my own little cottage garden, where flowers, herbs and vegetables are grown side by side. In Autumn 2013 we began renting a 350 square meter allotment only 10 min away by bike, so I’m looking forward to turning the grass that is there at the moment into vegetables and flowers this summer.

cirkel money law of atractionsI’m a strong believer in personal development. I enjoy reading Louise Hay and have a calender on my desk providing me with a new positive affirmation every day. I have attended a seminar with Janet Attwood and I want to life my passion and share it with you on this web page. In the autumn 2013 I saw the movie ‘The Secret’ which made me think more about ‘The law of attraction’ and in beginning of 2014 I made collages of things I will attract to my life. Right now, in 2015 I´m participating in Feminine Power Mastery, a 9-month program to manifest your destiny.

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All the photos on the web page are my own, you can pin them on Pinterest. But if you want to use them for anything else please ask.

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