Den hvide dyne


Ja, så kom sneen også til Falster. Det er jeg rigtig glad for, så planterne kan få en beskyttende dyne på nu hvor frosten kommer.

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  1. “Yes, come snow also to Bangkok. I’m really happy, so the plants can get a protective blanket at a time when the frost comes.”

    I was very interested to see that Google thinks Falster is in Thailand, perhaps? Now a photo like that in Bankok would be amazing, and nobody would pay any attention to global warming, as we would probably be heading for another ice age. :)
    It isn’t snowing here, either. We have had a lovely summer day. It is currently 32deg. There is also a bit of a breeze, and that makes it very pleasant. I must go and hang out my second load of washing – and it will probably be dry in the morning. :) And hanging out the washing overnight means it doesn’t fade! win/win. xx a

    • Have never heard of Falster in Thailand, maybe worth a visit :-)
      It would be nice with some sun for drying clothes, it takes so long these days!
      Wonder if we can get a 50 degrees different in temperature one night /day when we go down to – 15 C


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